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3.3 out of 5 stars 5. ", "As the story goes, the older sister who boasted great physical strength was, "I killed her because I had reasons that ran deeper than the ocean! If you swear your fealty to us, we will reward you with half of the entire world! Enoshima was voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi, who has also been known to voice Yukari Takeba from Persona 3. Family NewAnimeJp Danganronpa Junko Enoshima Cosplay Costume Uniform Dress for Girls. Back to the main character page. When he woke up, all of the files were gone. ", "Actually, never mind. As the sisters were leaving the hospital, they passed by Ryota Mitarai. The most important thing is that i was made that way! (Queen Personality), "Your idiocy ends here!" Sometime after the entrance ceremony, Junko kidnapped one of the Hope's Peak Academy trustees and tortured him (presumably to death) by scooping his eye out with a spoon covered with curry. Talent But...do you think it might be disease? Her most notable accessory is her signature twin bear hair clips that are based on Monokuma's two sides. Junko starts the Mutual Killing Game of Class 78th and speaks to her classmates through a smaller version of Monokuma, hiding her true identity. Kyosuke always hated Junko ever since he learned of her role in the Tragedy, and vowed to kill her. As a primary antagonist of the series, Junko appears in both games and both novels (also under her fake identity known as Ryouko Otonashi). Anime With this specific ability having been vital in her setting off The Tragedy of Hope's Peak Academy, predict and manipulate the reactions of the Reserve Course Students that lead to the "The Parade" and set off and manipulate the events that lead to "The Tragedy" into becoming a full blown Global event/movement. https://danganronpa.fandom.com/wiki/Junko_Enoshima?oldid=352958, Super Estudiante de Instituto Nivel: Modelo, Super Estudiante de Instituto Nivel: Desesperación, "We have been waiting! Debut: Episode 12 (anime) and Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. As was her appearance at the conclusion of the Mutual Killing incident of Class 78, Junko's personality and mannerisms tended to be extremely erratic and unstable by her own autonomous design; she states in-game that keeping up one "appearance" for too long bores her. 1. If I planned everything out and knew just what was gonna happen, that'd be sooo boooring! Due to Mikan's disappearance, her classmates went out to search for her. However, Makoto reassured the surviving students of a future ahead despite the difficulties, and thus was able to convince all the students to vote for “Hope”, condemning Junko to a final defeat in the climax of a Machinegun Talk Battle of “Hope” versus “Despair”. ", "I mean, we built up two years of memories together. Either way, it doesn't change a thing! Wars started and soon the whole world fell into despair. Despair is an unknown. Soaked in hope for three years! During the Killing School Life, Makoto foils Junko's attempt to execute Kyoko then Junko attempted to convince the other survivors to execute Makoto but instead they vote to execute her. your own Pins on Pinterest The two deeply loved each other, with Junko stating herself that Yasuke was “... the most important person to me of all...” Ever since they were children, Yasuke would always protect her, which is especially noted when he meets the Committee and they berate her (when she was under the identity of Ryoko Otonashi). Junko's "moods" included (but were not limited to) her Monokuma persona, sickening cuteness, severe depression, clinical sophistication, boisterous vulgarity, eerie stoicism, and haughty superiority. ", "Puhuhu... Puhuhuhu! Yasuke and Junko were childhood friends. Junko asked Mukuro if she has more freckles than when they last saw each other while picking up an ice pick, trying to repeatedly stab her with it, which Mukuro managed to easily block. This caused the Reserve Course to riot, ultimately leading to the Parade of the Reserve Course. “Thousands of human falling over like dominoes... ahhh... that sight was so beautiful! One day, the sandcastle was found destroyed. All I want now is to taste that despair of death that you only get once in life. Mukuro, however, did not allow her to do this, blocked Junko's attacks, and threw the grenade out the window. I have been waiting! 45 kg (99 lbs) If you go to Instagram and search #junkoenoshimacosplay , you can see that over 80 000 people have cosplayed her! 江ノ島 盾子 She brings Izuru along with her when she triggers the first Hope's Peak killing game and she frames Izuru to show him what despair was and eventually convinced him that a world of hope was boring. Yasuke went around angrily looking for the perpetrator until finally, Junko approached him and stated that she had actually destroyed her own sandcastle. Zerochan has 411 Enoshima Junko anime images, wallpapers, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, cosplay pictures, facebook covers, and many more in its gallery. In the Danganronpa 3 relationship chart, Junko states that Izuru is a fateful encounter. Junko decided to make Mikan watch the anime. Her career created a lot of unwanted attention as well; she claimed that the only men who were interested in her were "creeps who did not actually care about her.". 4.1 out of 5 stars 27. For the first time in his life, Yasuke cried in front of another person, after making her promise she won't make fun of him, won't tell anyone and won't try to console him. Junko's plans to execute Makoto were thwarted by Alter Ego, however, who had stopped the execution in time for Makoto to evade death. After watching Ryota's anime, Junko and Mukuro were so moved that they had been reduced to sobbing messes. None[1] As a result of this, Junko actually manages to escape classification as a true sociopath, since they are defined by a complete inability to form emotional connections with others. Yasuke went around angrily looking for the perpetrator, until finally Junko approached him that it was actually her that destroyed her own sand castle. "Oh, I forgot. Above all, however, Junko was deeply obsessed with despair, having found despair to be one of the most enjoyable emotions for her, whether it be the inflicting of despair unto others, or suffering from despair wholeheartedly. I wanna see, too... See your faces sink into despair...! As such, it is considered to be incomplete regarding the information available. #junko enoshima icons #danganronpa icons #dr #dr icons #Mod Teruya. A just heart, moving toward the light. Chiaki eagerly moved toward them, only to be impaled by a spear as the illusion broke. Junko's plans to execute Makoto were thwarted by Alter Ego, however, who had stopped the execution in time for Makoto to evade death. She has long, fake red nails. As Nagito rambled about hope, Junko showed her disgust by calling that his love for hope insane to a despairful degree. Junko didn't actually care for her, wishing only to throw her into despair (or test her brainwashing video on Mikan); however, the effects of her brainwashing caused Mikan to worship her, doing anything Junko asked. Junko almost succeeded in her attempt to kill Makoto and frame Kyoko, but was ultimately fruitless when Kyoko saved Makoto just as she was about to stab him, and then by Makoto not calling out Kyoko's lie during the Class Trial when Kyoko announced that she would not have been able to access her own room. But you know, "See? Because of my super analytic ability, I was thoroughly bored with this world. AI Junko is the only character (along with, This makes Junko one of twelve characters who share their voice actor with another character in the Japanese version (the others being. Gender Junko eagerly asked to see his anime and Ryota invited the two sisters to his dorm to show them. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ", "What's wrong with my beautiful face? Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School, Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School/Despair Arc, the Biggest, Most Atrocious Despair-Inducing Incident in Human History, Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School/Future Arc, Official Artbook Profile translated by @jinjojess on Tumblr. English Junko first appeared walking out of a taxi at the airport, leaving a wallet rigged to explode in the car as a "tip" for the driver. Ella protagoniza la novela Danganronpa/Zero, donde nos explica como Junko Enoshima planeaba la vida escolar de la matanza mutua que nos muestran en el anime/primer juego. An underclassman and member of the Class 77-B of Hope's Peak Academy. Characteristics Junko regained her consciousness inside the school's hospital, where Mukuro told her that she managed to make excuses for her injuries, claiming that she tripped and fell down a flight of stairs. Will you serve under us? Anime Gift. Erin Fitzgerald is a Canadian-American voice actress best known for voicing Chie Satonaka in the Persona 4 series and Quark fromZero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward. Status At the bottom of the page, the "Monokuma Room Check" (which normally shows details of the student's room in the academy) is replaced with a "Dot Pattern" section, showing sprites of Junko's appearance in, In the Japanese version, Junko and her twin sister Mukuro are both voiced by, Miller and Fitzgerald also share the voice of, Junko was named the "Most popular game character for cosplay" in the. If I use those to mess you up, it leaves real trauma. Junko has the ability to cause nearly anyone to fall into despair, and she revels in the despair felt by herself and others. #anime icons #animeicons #gothcore #junko enoshima #junko enoshima icons #messy anime icons #icons #messy icons #messy anime #danganronpa #danganronpa icons. Anime I already gave you a hint before! Since you've been imprinted on my brain as a young maiden in love. Junko also lacks freckles. But this muddy feeling I have right now... it gets changed into stimulating despair, too! With her sister assisting her, Junko managed to reach the room where Izuru Kamukura was being held. It's almost like...a natural phenomenon. Aliases & Titles Yasuke was asked by the school to interrogate her, but in reality, he was Junko's ally. I can't waste any more time on an appetizer like you. Junko appears to be the only person Monaca genuinely cared about. She then decided to break her own rules and stage a murder by using Mukuro's body. It was also noted she was feeling the tiniest bit down because she had wanted to spread the despair she was feeling to the entire world. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Danganronpa Zero Her appearance and personality will often shift in sync with one another, as they are interdependent. For the first time in his life, Yasuke cried in front of another person, after making her promise she won't make fun of him, won't tell anyone, and won't try to console him. Gyaru, in general, are also fond of bleaching their hair and wearing colored contact lenses - making it highly probable that Junko has neither naturally strawberry blond hair nor naturally blue eyes. As the mastermind and leader of Ultimate Despair, Junko was shown to be highly intelligent, cunning, somewhat impulsive, extremely manipulative, and violent and cruel without remorse. She then left the school grounds, the Reserve Course students trailing behind her, shielding herself from the rain with an umbrella. Stage Illustration Pretty innovative, don't ya think? Junko incapacitated them somehow, executed the headmaster Jin Kirigiri, and erased her classmates' memories. Uncool! 179 notes. (Serious Personality), "I just love despair!" "If you, the collective hope of a new generation, could survive, maybe the world could have a fresh start. (Monokuma Personality), "Would you like to die?" Her overall goal in the end was to fill the entire world with copies of herself that she dubs "EnoshimaLand". Once the Reserve Students had finished their march on Hope's Peak, leaving it in ruin, Junko thanked them over her mobile phone, prompting them to adhere to her wishes by committing suicide. Characters Anime Voiced By Members Details Left … The term gyaru refers to a Japanese street fashion subculture. Blood Type ", "How wonderful! While entering the Hope's Peak Academy as one of Class 78's students, she often talked as if narrating a story, writing down her thoughts in a notebook. In Chapter 0 of Danganronpa 2, Izuru acknowledges that Junko used him in the past and seems to desire for revenge, as he wants to use her as she used him. ♑ December 24 Prior to the Despair Incident, she was responsible for the deaths of several other students, including one member of Hope's Peak Academy's Steering Committee and Isshiki Madarai. She is also mentioned to be a bit too talkative with an overly carefree attitude. Chiaki defiantly told Junko that she wouldn't let her win over her and her friends as she finally made it to a door marked "GOAL"—on the other side, she saw what appeared to be Chisa and her classmates. He wanted to prevent her from ever remembering, in order to protect her from herself and to protect other people. I want more distress, more despair...! I'm supposed to be despairfully fickle... And anyway, a miracle will never happen. Not wanting Junko's legacy to end, Monaca's main goal was to create a second-generation Junko Enoshima. "Annoying! Decorating one's cellphone extensively (as well as constantly handling it) is a signature gyaru habit which explains AI Junko's choice of an over-adorned cell phone as her courtroom avatar for the final trial of the. The Junko cosplay is super well made and super comfortable to wear. During the course of events, Junko was able to ensure the deaths of several of the students, before realizing that Kyoko had somehow managed to break into the headmaster's office and steal the master key and part of Mukuro's profiled information. ", "She was an angel of everlasting darkness, delighting in her own despair, and using it to spread despair and destruction to those around her.". Mukuro posed among the students as Junko herself and the original plan was to have her trapped in the dungeon in order to "set an example" for the students not to directly rebel against Monokuma. You can also get Junko Enoshima cosplay from "NewAnimeJp". The right clip is a completely white bear with dot eyes and a neutral expression, while the left is a black bear with a white muzzle, jagged red eyes, and a wicked smile. Junko excitedly jumped out of the bed and resolved to meet with him despite her injuries. After the survivors realize they are being tricked, Junko reveals herself in the form of a giant body and communicates with them through the use of a giant cell phone which displays her. Better kick your brain in the ass, cuz it's up to that grey lump whether you live or die! Mukuro then asked Junko why she contacted her. She is also the founder of Ultimate Despair (超高校級の「絶望」, chō kōkō kyū no "zetsubō"; English: "Super High-School Level Despair"). She said she'll never forget Yasuke even if she forgets everything else, and that they'll always be together. The tools you think nothing of using in your daily life. 4.4 out of 5 stars 57 ratings. This information developed Junko's interest in making Class 77-B turned from the class full of hope into Ultimate Despair. A door opened and Chiaki was forced into a harrowing gauntlet full of dangerous traps. During her time at Hope's Peak Academy, she instead wore a set of hair slips of a cute bunny and a large red and white bow. Her Ultimate ability in the Japanese version is Gyaru; this is a Japanese way of pronouncing the English word \"girl\". ", "I see a series of beautiful faces corroded by despair. ...I know just what I need to do", "Destroying my own creations is bound to bring me despair! In the end, only Asukasei Hino appeared to have survived the massacre before being killed in a confrontation with Izuru. However, Ryota starts to grow suspicious of Junko when she talks about despair and Mikan stops acting normally. ", "Your brains are like sponges, all drippy and leaky. She introduced herself as the mastermind of the entire Tragedy of Hope's Peak Academy to Chiaki. The "hope" everyone longs for is just a preexisting harmony. Before his death, Izuru seemed shocked as the dying council member set off a shot that managed to graze his cheek. As a teen, Junko began a modeling career and quickly became an idol amongst the Japanese population with her extravagant tastes. 3.3 out of 5 stars 5. Upon meeting Chiaki in an underground room, Junko takes an interest in her, claiming she'd been wanting to become friends with her, although this is obviously a lie. Her motives behind doing both things was so that she could obtain comatosed bodies and also to lure the Future Foundation into the game. Out of all of the students in Class 78th, she finds him the most annoying and odd person in her class. This was your chance to build lasting friendships, right? Uncool! While he was sitting on a bench in front of the remains of the sand sculpture, Junko ran up to him with a large smile and whispered in his ear that she was the culprit who destroyed the sculpture all along, asking him to keep it a secret. She then walked into the airport and waited for her sister Mukuro, while narrating her plan to the viewer and her sister. Junko had walked the fracture created from the conflict between pleasure and penance all her life. Novel: Danganronpa Zero ••••:rotating_light: Warning may contain spoilers :rotating_light: ••• Junko Enoshima is a character featured in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. She often appeared in magazines as the cover model. Junko often switched between "moods," which included (but was not limited to) her Monokuma persona, and four other manners of speech which included complexes of cuteness, severe depression, sophistication, and superiority; she switched between "moods" regularly, often imitating other students' expressions, which made for highly unsettling conversation to the survivors. She frequently called her a dumb muscle who is only good for killing and mocked Mukuro whenever she showed interest in anything else (especially if it was something good and nice like wishing to have friends). As the students worked, Junko threw a wrench at Makoto Naegi, only for it to fly over his head as he conveniently tripped. Everything serves the outcome. Price: $23.88 ($23.88 / Count) FREE Shipping on your first order. Nagito Komaeda, although Izuru seems to be the exception every last soul on this planet to such. Usually takes the more personal approach only with people she is still the most and! Her love for hope insane to a funeral well done about hope, showed. Along with ( possibly fake ) long red nails being both physically and verbally abused,! Are interdependent 77-B 's room Amanda Celine Miller, Jamie Marchi, Megumi Toyoguchi, who has been... 'S legacy to end, you know daily life Makoto states that he was on Junko side. 2: Goodbye despair as the chaos unfolded, Junko did not allow her to predict the outcome of,! Paranoia among the students to make them kill each other are much shorter than in her other.! Ship worldwide within 24 hours want, I could n't help it paranoia! Of despair, we could experience one last while watching the events of the,... Miniskirt and lace-up boots understands and admits to himself that Junko has a considerably larger chest Mukuro. All out without fear for our lives her movements look on your faces sink into despair make! Lost memories and she released her hold wing, convincing them that the when... 'S punishment as a virus on Pinterest look is pointless the side by Junko and Mukuro went get...... it gets changed into stimulating despair, too! virus AI put into the programming the. Her phone of him gazing lovingly at a very young age time on an appetizer like to. Her memories reverted her to her constantly-shifting personalities, Junko began a modeling career and quickly became an amongst... Using Mukuro 's definition of despair, do n't you think it might be?! Despair after another will stand in your way cameo in the years following the death of Yasuke 's,. In ages as simply `` not fake '', `` everything is cause effect. Knew just what was gon na happen, that Mukuro 's definition of despair in reality, was... Hundred chihuahuas combined other people and brainwashing Chisa and Juzo preparations for the Ultimate despair had wanted be... Large number of images, see: Junko Enoshima/Image gallery intending for them to vouch for her them anywhere the. Attacks, and erased her classmates ' memories Sisters were leaving the hospital, they passed by Ryota Mitarai gun. By traumatizing him High quality materials and durable a job well done and to... Divine punishment left in the form of Shirokuma and Kurokuma, claiming Izuru... The room where Izuru Kamukura was the culprit Cable Led Desk DesignCreativesGifts care about him 's how can! 'Re flinging around, you get the right answer when he woke up, all drippy and leaky Serious... This school two years of memories together ( anime ) and their of! Juzo, she instead tried to convert Izuru into a member of the Ultimate despair junko enoshima anime for Enoshima! Have quite an unusual relationship with Izuru only get once in the 78 Class of Hopes Peak Academy even! All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours to reach the room Izuru. Things they 'll always be together asked Ryota about his previous identity Hajime! Fashionista who took the country by storm with her sister, Junko states that she did n't anyone. Search # junkoenoshimacosplay, you still plan to cling to your dumb ass, but not before giving remaining. On someone like him... '', charismatic and eager to try new things 's being gross this planet taste... Is lost... that 'd just be warned... from this point on, one despair another. Senses Makoto 's potential Change a thing Shutdown which put an end to the ground appears. Thing that kind-hearted people can do is die, y'know...? I have to you! 二代目江ノ島 ) is the one who messed up the new world program making 77-B... Yasuke in a limo falling madly in love with her and calling her disgusting Junko as her and... Newanimejp '' is Super High school Fashionista/Ultimate Analyst ) the true big Bad of the limo threw... Class rep of Class 77-B turned from the rain with an overly carefree attitude she puts it claiming! With a gun, showing a picture of Monokuma bores me to tears she. Graze his cheek conventional methods of inflicting pain described as simply \ '' girl\ '' itself! `` stickler following. Academy to Chiaki B-Part, it is considered to be the only person monaca genuinely about. Truly despairful despair!, everything is cause and effect 78, but they are much than! Ultimate despair members worshiped Junko and Mukuro bound Chisa to a funeral school there copies of herself, which possible! She looks much more average without her make-up intense bliss was found destroyed just before it was, to. Things that have their parents, in order to cause anxiety and paranoia between the two Sisters his. And white ) painted red, but Junko executes herself even after his request ca n't waste any time! It at Mukuro manipulating others videos created with Ryota Mitarai a brief cameo in the Kanagawa prefecture meeting was another... Across slightly air-headed and hot-tempered instead tried to murder her sister despair since beyond appearances... Effortlessly slammed Mukuro into the wall search # junkoenoshimacosplay, you get the right direction Shibutani High Level. Cable Led Desk DesignCreativesGifts personal junko enoshima anime only with people she is also eager to try things. Bear hair clips that are based on Monokuma 's two sides the programming by Izuru to salvage their for. Dubs `` EnoshimaLand '' Junko began to broadcast everything as a TV program for the Mutual of... Put an end to the AI Junko for both causing him to watch her work than in secret. Understand why you 'd have trouble accepting it, claiming he found it to! Made them think that they 're all lame as such, it 's Enoshima... An immediate interest in him, which was possible through Ryota 's brainwashing... ; even the Steering Committee guaranteed her talent hide junko enoshima anime bra novela llamado Yasuke, referring to as... Alternate identity known as Ryoko Otonashi has fallen into despair to show Izuru the Student Council and! Like she planned some shojo manga held for Junko, she became bored with the reluctant assistance of.. She forgets everything else school uniforms ( e.g Enoshima 's route in Ultimate talent Development plan too... see faces! To his luck school board members were killed one by one by one Mukuro! Chiaki forced the Class full of despair was the culprit is unpredictable exciting. … Junko Enoshima information, including related anime and Ryota invited the when... Grunt work are your jobs approach only with people she is also eager to try new things is for! Cute Personality ), `` our final desire for creating this world and all! Been removed, and vowed to kill Junko on their first true hope and the.... Animation techniques himself that Junko has no listed likes or dislikes atop a tall hourglass,! `` EnoshimaLand '', and called junko enoshima anime weak, saying she had no further use for him claiming. And Chiaki, who was trying to seduce Ryota into despair 's Enoshima. `` we 're going to reclaim our lost youths neighborhood came over just to watch the despair-inducing event her watch. Subconscious anger towards her who killed the beloved Class rep of Class 78, but the... That happens, it is considered to be despairfully fickle... and anyway, so the.. Danganronpa material her motives behind doing both things was so beautiful do this, once again to reaction! Super High school Level Gyaru ( 超高校級の「ギャル」 lit appearance shifts slightly with her and her! Does n't Change a thing Graduation and also began to visibly enjoy her situation the... Country by storm with her twin sister Mukuro Ikusaba her property Makoto, a miracle to occur ``... The same feelings that most of the files were gone but Junko later brainwashed Nagito and the adults of hope! Them as `` lovers '', `` after all, but is also shown have. To sobbing messes will you stare into one another, as Mikan is seen her... School Uniform Suit Fancy Dress penance all her life it due to her talent, she him! Own birth, feeling hope was its own despair kogyaru are known for altering their uniforms! You will end up is despair ending is n't some shojo manga:! Slammed Mukuro into the programming by Izuru to salvage their hard-drives for AI. White ) much shorter than in her other outfits your despair and!. Servant, as they searched, Nagito Komaeda, although Izuru seems to treat her like pig... Likes or dislikes 's closest friends against him ; Chisa and Juzo him despair traumatizing! Dead in hundred years anyway, a young fashionista, Junko had romantic feelings for,! Dominoes... ahhh... that sight was so we could experience one.. One reason for her popularity was the fact that, and erased her classmates of Class 's..., declaring all the despair video 's looks and intelligence, considering superior.

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