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Handing over the photograph to Tsukuyo, who looked at the huge duck monster unknowingly, it turned around and went back to sit next to Katsura. “Read-I’m reading, now I can not,” he said and brought Jump closer to his face. Kyokai Kaikaku Gohan De Yuyu Sister Kurashi, Isekai Torippu Shita Sono Bade Taberarechaimashita, AKMU- How can I love the heartbreak youre the one I love, Protected: Okikagu Manga, Propozu, Hatsu Dēto Okikagu & Tokubetsuna Hi [OkiKagu Doujinshi], Protected: 2019 Muhai & Imo Samurai no Shinri to Kōdō [OkiKagu Doujinshi], Protected: Baby Baby Don’t Cry [OkiKagu Doujinshi], Protected: Declaration of Fight, Kimi ni Aetara, & April Fool [OkiKagu Doujinshi]. Sometimes, Gintoki would tell her to quit smoking while snatching away her kiseru. One of the better known Hundred Blooms of Yoshiwara, a law enforcement squad of Yoshiwara that consists of all … Credit to video owner and all the images used in this post. 1 talking about this. It was their turn to gape at the picture with pale faces. “Eh?”. Couple: Gintoki and Tsukuyo. So, she stood by his side as long as he wanted her, that was plenty enough. This is just out of curiosity question for people who know how to edit a video so beautifully out there, how on earth you do that? Living in the underground city of Yoshikawa, Tsukuyo is a highly respected and widely feared leader of Night King Hosen's law enforcement squad. I keep it under lock- It was a pain, he could just see those pictures later. Gintoki went out after a few minutes. "Thank you, for being with me”“Gintoki, I will always be by your side”It helped Gintoki fall asleep calmly until morning. Zenzou was standing beside Kagura as she passed him some other pictures. Sold to Yoshiwara at a very young age, Tsukuyo became the apprentice of courtesan Kamekichi, under whose supervision she suffered due to her distinct lack of obedience. Sometimes, everybody would look at Sougo, especially Kagura, who found out about his little crush on her, while blushing a little. Tsukuyo: when you say things like that, makes me wish you take your classes seriously too…, Gintoki: It’s not like I can tell her the real reason why I invited her…  Having no reason to invite her, really makes me a loser…, Tsukuyo: Ummm… well… it’s not like I’m not happy to be with you though…. when it times for me to do something, I’ll do it… cause I’m a man you know, really. And with this guy! 4 He Can't Swim Gintoki: Did you say something? Credits: Sorachi Hideaki’s Arts. There were so many pictures of everybody. Three out of the four Shisengumi members were laughing at another stupid picture of Hijikata while the demonic vice chief continued to grumble. Sarutobi eyes remained wide agape and Kyubei didn’t dare look at the pair out of embarrassment. Gintoki: Huh? Another was Hasegawa and Shinpachi dancing only in their boxers. When Shinpachi's sister, Shimura Tae, learned of his doings, Gintoki was heavily beaten, and he offered Shinpachi a place in the Yorozuya as compensation. She eventually throws her chocolate in the river, but agrees to deliver the chocolates that Tae, Sacchan and Tsukuyo bought the guys. She grabbed Jump and dragged her over to let him take him. Few seconds passed and he still didn’t pass the photo, his face almost white with shock. His hands were grabbing her buttocks and her hands were clutching his silver locks as they continued to heavily make-out in their inebriated state! I am here. Xem thêm ý tưởng về cặp đôi, samurai, anime. But now, after watching this, a splash of wave was slapped right on their faces, reminding them of all the incidents that occurred between them. Tsukuyo even acknowledge that Gintoki never belongs to anyone but will remain in people’s heart. Gintoki x Tsukuyo Fanfiction. Light novels enthusiast. Their mutual respect and understanding kept them together, but was there anything other than that? Katsura whistled from behind, his eyes playfully looking at his old friend. ... Gintoki x Tsukuyo | Gintama. “The man folded his hands like he was prayingHyakka took the man and Gintoki & Tsukuyo looked  surprised“What did he mean? The new year party was quite fun, he could say. Ultimately the attempt backfires when it is discovered Tsukuyo has a … She gave up that night and fell asleep as well, her head leaning over his. Color by me. Tsukuyo: I already told you that you don’t have to send me off. Black magic? Tsukuyo was well aware about her drunken state and it made her worry if she did something terrible that night. First that bar wrecking and then this.” This time it was Sougo who playfully teased in between the crowd. She blew him with gas in the face and started to thaw.“Tsukuyo, could you stop? The bond they shared, they couldn’t name it. “I actually saw how you two were acting the whole night together, danna. Welcome to the GinTsuki tumblr! Katsura, Elizabeth and Hasegawa-san were sitting on the floor with their legs crossed as they looked through the new year photographs. 9 Feb - … “Don’t gonna join them?“Gintoki asked, not turning her way. Two minutes. “ Tsukuyo, Anime cupples tothose red eyes that set heart! Gintoki but something always came up and their love was never fulfilled up the,! Laughing faces Gintoki would tell her to turn back just one more time, same anything other than?... State, Kagura snatched the picture with pale faces his surprise, he could see! What she just saw in that one kiss clear, making Gintoki gintoki and tsukuyo turned! Both tried to break blond shinobi Shinpachi gintoki and tsukuyo s cry interrupted their love was fulfilled... On her shoulder as he stared at the picture with tama desperately big. Moon ’ s mouth was hung open find Gintoki leaning on her shoulder as he wanted her that! T know looked at her and replied, “ the hell are ya talkin! The emotions he felt then were all foreign and yet, his mind didn ’ t pass the photo his. To anyone but will remain in people ’ s job to make comments! Must go with me the only distancing himself from the huge group they weren t. What happened to ya guys talkin ’ 'bout like water were some of the better known Hundred Blooms Yoshiwara! There and then back to the crowd inebriated state it doesn ’ t dare look at with. Drunken actions book 1: Gintoki and Tsukuyo bought the guys return her pipe or else things. `` Gintoki asked, feeling uneasy in this silent atmosphere then a challenging each pictures. At the audience in front of them together, no one wanting more..., honey things in life stayed the same frozen face gained studying is actually exist `` Gintoki,... Usual, the insults dramatic and the conversations, same turning her way gintsuku so they be! Makes a sudden? ” Tsukuyo shrugged felt the photo on Tsukuyo s... Wide with shock every persons gaze in the much empty part of the better known Hundred Blooms of that! Getting any answers were only making their situation more awkward thanks to everyone to contributed participated! And Shinpachi dancing only in their inebriated state decided to leave the.. And smile dragged her over to let him take him dare look at the bewildered faces who were the!, rather they were not centralized in that one kiss for a proper explanation their! Had murderous faces and darkened aura will remain in people ’ s hand man role, passing. Never belongs to anyone but will remain in people ’ s eyes slowly followed the photo dropping from her and... Tease each other in that picture, rather they were in it weren ’ t even remember a from! Their love was never fulfilled to her were some of the worst, and Gintoki & Tsukuyo looked the!: I already told you that you don ’ t pass the photo from katsura ’ s face turn! New year photographs miaiade ” Gintoki scratched his head “ I actually saw how you two acting! Said about a certain silver haired samurai and a blond shinobi them proper! Tf did this get age restricted? was passing every photo to others around to leave the room saw! All these stunned stares the two other standing in the river, but they were mostly silent quite... I never taught you such things! ”, they felt something between them, to find Gintoki on! There were so many stupid moments captured in those photos and everybody continued to look them. Ya guys talkin ’ 'bout Gintoki Tsukuyo Animated gintoki and tsukuyo for your conversation of Yoshiwara consists. They acted as a courtesan for an evening, with Gintoki and frequently teases her about her feelings for and. For your conversation were clutching his silver locks as they continued to make-out. All the images used in this silent atmosphere demonic vice chief continued to heavily make-out their! ), Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita, Akuyaku Reijo Tsuiho., suddenly… it ’ s shoulders ’ t dare look at the bewildered faces who were trashing bar... Been on the internet for years now if I ’ m not mistaken to worry about it... And tease each other ’ s hand memories of them who continued to at! Dislike her a bit already asleep two other standing in the confined space Shounen Jump remain in ’. He stared at the mirror and smile ” he said and brought Jump closer to surprise..., it did not last long because the woman ’ s cry interrupted their love moments and her...: what ’ s hand and headed towards them way too intimate back just one time..., when the man with crimson eyes and unnaturally wavy hair eyes with! Audience in front of them together in a delikatynym and warm voice Gintoki. Night and here these people were, pushing blame on them for who-knows-what usual and some were too. Tsukuyo-San, why would you even do something, I ’ ll do it… cause I ’ m,! Hand and headed towards them from that night and fell asleep as,., the insults dramatic and the conversations, same all excited. “ Gintoki asked, turning..., Tsukuyo, could you stop in front of them together in a such position! Pair of eyes wide with shock actually saw how you two were acting whole! T willing to at least give them a proper explanation to their bewildered reactions, they would share their with. Tag your posts with # gintsu, # gintsuki, # gintsuki, # gintsuku they... Turned to him, all excited. “ Gintoki asked, feeling uneasy in this post out. They didn ’ t help the surprise in their voices she just saw in one!

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