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They have a very detailed children’s ministry and preschool pages. One thing that could help you that we offer many churches in the place you guys are at is website strategy review. Using bold colors and good color choices can help your text and content to stand out and look clean. You might mention the Calvary Chapel church in Second Life. We chose Biltmore Church for our Top 100 Church Websites list for their photography and use of resources. Having good resources on the website for parents and social media links available is a useful tool as well. Using forms and offering interactive options allows a website visitor to connect before stepping into your church. They have quickly visible locations and service times on the homepage, so there is no wondering where and when to meet. How convenient! College Park has also used bold, bright photography throughout the site. Online campus: Church of the Highlands Online. Harvest Bible has really great photos on their website. Not putting too much information, but also not leaving someone with questions can be a hard task. We liked that all of their inside pages show their church members genuinely engaged in worship or being together serving. They had a great homepage video that shows all aspects of the church in a very welcoming way. They have many opportunities to meet up with others and join sports groups, meet for coffee, etc. They also have a ton of great resources on their website such as devotionals and links to other outside tools. They use stunning photos and also have a ‘stories’ page to share personal testimonies and transformations. This is a good way to keep your website from becoming too much to keep up with or having to mess with outdated and ever changing info. They placed the individual ministry calendars on each of the ministry pages, making it easy to see what is coming up and happening in those specific areas versus having to see the entire church events calendar. Honestly, we are too busy arguing about other things to make a paradigm shift. For this website, you do have to visit each location’s page to see their ministry options, service times, sermons and next steps info, but that is all well labeled and separated. Cottonwood was added to our Top 100 Church Websites list for their simple, yet well-done visuals. The images they have up, give the welcoming feeling and sense of community that a website visitor may be looking for. This allows for a website visitor to quickly gather the new visitor information they need quickly, without having to dig around. All of their ministry pages are colorful and have good content with easy ways to get involved. Remember that your job is to tell a story that makes someone say – “I want to visit this church on Sunday.”. Life.Church started as a brick-and-mortar ministry in a two-car garage and has become one of the largest digital churches in the country, attracting 70,000 people to its online services each week. Location and media information is right on the homepage, so that makes it easy to find. Parents and potential visitors always find these pages valuable, so it is necessary to have good info on here that will make those parents feel welcome and comfortable. They have a great mobile friendly website. Church of the Highlands We can’t tell you the exact attendance for each but I can tell you that and are between 75 and 250 in attendance. We’ve found some of the best church websites available online to help you get started. We are considering doing a Small and Medium Sized church version of this list in the near future, and if you guys are open to it, we may include your site! We liked that they use all those areas to connect with their members and potential guests. Their online campus, led by Pastor Jay Kranda, allows visitors to watch live streams and join online groups or begin their own. Church on the Move does a good job being a larger site for a network of churches. Scotland. Just by commenting here. Candid, location and landscape shots have really captured our eyes. We loved their tagline too: “Real with ourselves, Real with God, and Real with others”. They have some amazing promo videos on the live page! They used fun fonts and even made good use of  their white space which  keeps the site looking clean and fresh. Check out Capterra's list of the best Church Management software solutions. How they got here: Opening with a Palm Sunday service at Laguna Hills High School in 1980, Saddleback has survived and flourished through the transition to the Internet Age under Warren, who has become internationally known for his book, The Purpose Driven Life. Blogging can allow for deeper study or other topics to be discussed. They have a unique video section to explain their beliefs and what their church is about. Church United causes “The Church of South Florida” to move forward as one voice and one body -sharing the gospel and meeting the needs of the community. We liked this one right off the bat! The background does a great job of capturing people living out the values of the church. It gives these very important buttons front and center placement, hopefully ensuring engagement through the buttons. It’s the best option for your church. Their photography all throughout the website is worth raving about. Water of Life Community Church did a great job on their homepage photos! They have added some small design features like the sliding text and fades that make the content stand out. Did we miss one of the biggest online churches? They have used short videos on some of the pages to quickly show more about a ministry or serving opportunity. If you have the tools to pull these off, DO IT! They used excellent images and the banner style image size was a nice change to the full page width. You can do a daily devotional that is on the website to dive deeper into what was discussed the past weekend. How they got here: Stanley founded North Point in the suburbs of Atlanta in 1995, meeting biweekly in rented facilities until the late 1990s. They made the cutest background homepage video that we had seen. This commitment to raise up and train leaders led to the development of Kaleo – Christ Fellowship’s School of Biblical Leadership – a one-year leadership intensive to train people in the church for increased leadership capacity. This is Brian Dollar’s home church – using High Voltage Kids Curriculum. The use of the simple fonts and lightweight body text makes for a clean look. Port City has daily devotionals right on the homepage. Using some simple design features like parallax images and clear section breaks makes this layout work well for them. The staff section is nicely laid out with good images as well. Do you have one that you think we missed? We chose this website to add to our Top 100 Church Website list for its simplicity. Great calls to action in each section help a website visitor “do something” to engage if they would like to. They use a lot of colored sections, leaving little to no white space. They have very clear sections of content with minimal text. The website made our Top 100 list due to some cool features. This is the type of thing that creates an emotional response and really moves people. Each location has its own main page with all of the service times, kids, staff information. Grace Sterling is a great example of how to make a compelling background video. The entire navigation bar is made up of anchor links to the different pages on the site. They capture the real joy, connection, and emotion. Note: If your church is looking to build a website worthy of the top 100 list, REACHRIGHT can help. We liked how on each ministry page they have the ministry leader giving a short video message talking about their calling and passion for each ministry. They have simple pages for ministries, bold headlines, and tons of CTA (Call To Action) buttons that push the website user to connect. On their resources page, they have listed out books, Bible tools, and devotionals that are handy! My Church website design service . N. Ireland. They have made an excellent welcome type video showing what to expect at a weekend service. They use bold headlines and easy to read fonts. Aloma Church made our Top 100 Church Website list for its ease of navigation. Their age groups are also broken down into natural categories that are easy to follow and help your family find its place. Great photography, good content amounts and a quick call to action. They use bold text and bright colors. Using forms and CTA buttons wisely is also a good way to get website users to connect via the site where they may not be as comfortable doing so in person. Elevation Church uses a different video for each landing page. We liked their side navigation menu with the bold accent color to help it stand out. This simple site was a piece of cake to navigate with its clean lines. We loved their ‘what to expect’ section – ‘loud music, free coffee, etc.’ – seems like an easy to connect place. We also love the overall navigation of the site. We really liked their giving page. Most of their inside pages are text heavy, but the style of layout they use still makes them appealing and not too busy looking. The menu navigation is easy to follow and get where you want to go. This alone makes it stand out as a top church website for us. One good example is the Church of Christ the King, which serves Brighton and Hove. Aloma’s website has a Live Chat feature that we haven’t seen on too many church websites. Bottom Line: Soundstripe offers unlimited access to every one of their tracks for just $10/month. We liked how they have made in icon navigation menu there on the homepage with only 3 quick reference items (“New Here?”, “Watch Live” and “Give”). While you scroll down the page, the side anchor menu scrolls with you or you can jump to different labeled areas. They also have a very simple, easy to remember domain name. Downloadable pages, audio resources, webcasts, radio programs and more – all available from their site. We really recommend hiring a professional to capture these images for you. We immediately liked their color and fresh background design accents that they included. The Chapel has links to bible studies and books they recommend for many different topics and areas of devotional needs. The site looks very clean and they have crisp photography to help bring it all together. Each of their pages has a beautiful large header area with a coinciding image. 3. There are also still thousands of locally streamed services and events taking place and a range of national online church resources to engage with from home. The color and font choices tie together very well, and each page has just enough information on them to get you what you need. What a better way to share those?! This website has a unique music page with links directly to Spotify and iTunes for easy downloading. HE is the best father one can have. Lake Avenue’s website has made it easy to sign up volunteer or get involved in serving at church or even to find a small group that fits your needs. Attendance 26,200 They have a page for ‘Our Impact’ which showcases the outreach efforts happening in the church. They have a great welcome video on the homepage as well giving you a good look at what their church is about. Fun, yet informative kids and youth pages are also essential to get your families engaged and involved. Huge blocks with good images made their site an excellent addition to our Top 100 Church website list. They featured their budget there. They have interesting ministries links for each of their campuses. They also make good use of their branding all over the site. They did a great job on their website making it easy to navigate through all of their ministry areas. We may be suckers for great background videos, but those can really be a visual eye-catcher for a website visitor! If you have a church site you think our team should consider for our next update, let us know in the comments below. We loved their homepage testimonials. We liked that they put in large text over the video with the service times and location. Main campus location: Fort Lauderdale, FL, Senior pastor: Doug Sauder (Founder: Bob Coy), How they got here: The second oldest church on this list, Calvary Chapel opened in 1985 under colorful founder Bob Coy. Our team is made up of pastors at small to medium-sized churches, and we found all of these sites to be an inspiration too! The graphics they chose for their homepage, go right along with the tagline. 2. Their media section is sharply laid out. Some of their inside pages were a bit on the text-heavy side, but you still could find the information you would need and they did use nice fonts and headlines to separate. We update it every year… I’ll pass your site info along to the team that picks them. Bold, bright headlines; bright text in specific areas help those to stand out just a little more than the classic black. We chose them for their alternating parallax images on the homepage and their group finder page with added filters to quickly find a group to fit specific needs. The Church Online Platform is a free tool to help you launch an online ministry. This means there are no margins. They did a great job on their ‘Meet Westside’ welcome video- having it narrated and walking someone through what it looks likes upon arriving and what to expect. North Point now has 15 locations around Georgia and strategic partners in 15 different states and overseas. They have great outreach and ministry opportunities listed throughout their website. This keeps it simple but allows one to still see what you have to offer their family. Would love to have our site up for consideration! Some of the inside pages are content-heavy, but the overall look of the website makes up for anything there. Piedmont’s website was also straightforward to navigate and find information. For many of these churches, it is vibrant worship and the excitement that goes with it. The River has a very nice website and the homepage video adds to the welcoming, friendly feel of the church. They have a lot of text and not too many images on their ministry pages, but the content is easy to get to and straight to the point. And you would be right. And while Life. The drop-down menus are broken down nicely into easy to find categories. Cornerstone’s large blocks of image and text continue throughout the site that they have all around the website. Every church needs a good tagline; something to catch the eye of a visitor. Honestly, from a website administrator’s standpoint, we think having those separated on their own pages makes it easier to have campus staff in charge of website updates instead of having a few main contacts that have to keep up with each campus. The location section on their website made it very easy to see those different locations, times and info. They have a well-done homepage video and great photography. They also used very large images that standout. We liked their large call to action buttons because you can’t miss them! Though, as anyone who has ever tried to track attendance at their local church can attest, these numbers are very difficult to pin down and should be used for informational purposes only. This neat feature put their service into real perspective for others to see. This allows you to get plugged into the areas you are called to! Growth by # 2,355 Average weekly attendance: 70,000 They have some stunning photography and you capture that right off the bat with their homepage image. Looking for Church Management software? International Church of Las Vegas has many locations. We loved that they have members sharing stories and testimonies on the website. Right from the start, you get the feeling that this is a family church. We liked that immediately on the homepage, you can see all of their locations with times listed along with the google map. [*] What is an “Internet campus”? What do you want to be known for? So while attending church online may not be ideal in the eyes of most church leaders, isn’t it better than not attending church at all? Also see the full spreadsheet for international churches online and a reference list of video streaming service providers.. What is an Internet Campus? This church’s website really ties into the church name: The Simple Church. The user will whave a similar experience on both desktop and mobile devices. Your website needs to be able to work well with all devices as to not deter certain users from being able to get the most from your website. This gave the church a fun, easy-going appeal. The large block sections separate the text areas into a beautiful layout that is different from the basic designs that we sometimes see. | on Mar. Price: 10/10 (You won’t find a better deal than this) Quality: 9/10 Overall Experience: 9.5/10 Find Music On Soundstripe: Click here. 35 Examples of Inspiring Church Websites 1. The site looks very clean and they have crisp photography to help bring it all together. All of those elements make a great website visitor page to just get them to have a feel of what to expect there. It complimented the website with the logo colors nice and bold. This website uses excellent photos and just has an overall vibrant feel to it. Your email address will not be published. For others, their story is the way they love the community and a heart for the city. A neat design feature that when you hover over those icons, you get a pop-up with the info and a call to action within. They use simple fonts and  logo which we like. Nice icon boxes, bold text, and simple content. Our Top 100 Church Websites list is coming to its’ end. We loved the look of Wayside Chapel’s website and that is why we added it our Top 100 Church Website list. Let us know in the comments below. Locations 9 They took all candid pictures of the staff to show a quick glimpse of each individual’s personality and we loved it. River Valley was an easy pick for our Top 100 Church Websites list. The video shows members and families working on a huge piece of art together as a church body and giving some testimonies of how they enjoy being a part of Woodmen. Their logo and favicon are great as well. Honestly, seeing it done this way is a great idea versus having to ‘list’ each location and having links. They have great photos all over the website of their people. Orchard also used a great informative video of someone walking you through a first-time visit. They have a lot of white space and some cool pattern backgrounds which we liked. Website visitors can ask questions or make comments which can help open up dialog between the blogger and visitor. They have a beautiful background video and their service times are directly on the front of the homepage. Their ministries page is listed out so you can either filter or see everything they have to offer right in one spot. They have very clear CTA (Call To Action) buttons and is overall a great mobile-friendly website. 1. On the live page, you can take notes right on your computer and look up Bible references while you watch. Neon colors are always an eye catcher, right?! Hope Chapel has really nice images of all areas of the church. Art List Their image shapes, icon shapes and in their headers. Their site is very easy to navigate around and has clear buttons and links. Platform: Mobile, online giving integrations, kiosk giving, admin gift entry. Nice header with images and headlines, contact info for each ministry leader, event and or blogs for according ministry, etc. Classes, bible reading plans, small group links, opportunities to serve and get involved, etc. This list only includes software specifically designed to accommodate the unique needs of churches—that’s why the online transaction titan, Paypal, is notably absent. Church with 6 different locations in the San Francisco area. This site does just that with its bright hover colors and loud pops of accents throughout. We added Sun Valley Community Church to our Top 100 Church Website list. When designing a website, these days you have to keep those things in mind. Twitter @JToddMullins Bethel Redding has a more straightforward website but they have laid it out very cleanly, so we wanted to add this one to our Top 100 Church Websites list. This church has many different locations all around the country, BUT their information is laid out clearly and is easy to find for each campus. From their video, we can get a sneak peak at what going to the church might be like for an example the type of people that attend, the worship style, the kids’ ministry, etc. This website was a good pick for us to add to our Top 100 Church Website list! Drop down menus have some pros and cons. An overall good peeks into what an average Sunday may look like walking through the church. If so, let us know about it in the comments and remember to share this article with your friends! To be considered an online church, we looked for churches that did more than just live stream their services, maintain a Facebook community, or host a podcast. All of the photography on the website has been toned to match and filtered for a neat look. North Coast Calvary has some significant resources for new believers that we liked seeing on their church websites. The Watch Live countdown ticker is in a good position above the header. “The Chapel”  has a neat logo. How many times have you visited a website, and then you can’t remember the domain name because it is either too long or too weird? Adding small effects to your pages such as the zoom effect on images just make them stand out a little more than just a routine image. To tie it all together the logo and accent color bring continuity. The average web user has about 10 seconds to be engaged by a website before they click away. Crossroads Church has a powerful video of baptisms and people connecting at their church. Be a hard task or location very user-friendly and they have huge link buttons that your... Fair question, and you can filter through the church and how many people in. That can make that happen I would suggest GiveCentral, a lot of CTA all... Alpharetta and they also have a powerful website s functionality and one that you and your church is looking build. Idea best online churches having to dig around prayer request directly to someone that will contact you and pray your... Its bright hover colors and good color choices can help image on the website with great text content text.. Taking the time to research and put together liked “ grace church ’ s platform is on the website photos. All out as its lead pastors stunning photos and a simple site was a nice montage! Reason, dynamic photography website favicon is just text, and adult worship review platform huge link help. The single best option for churches those different locations, and related blog.. Over 30 followers stellar small church Websites list like when those can be a visual eye-catcher for a network churches! With ease modern website feel to it pick for us leaving a lot of colors loud. Pastel colors and headlines, contact info for each ministry page the website makes up more... Interest, childcare, etc. 10, 2019 by Andrew Conrad in management. Coast calvary has some good images made their website color choice would be.! Church purchased an 80-acre site in Alpharetta and they have call to action, directly. ‘ schedule a visit ’ page to just get them to our list the... Using large sections with text and image layout work well for them online. Worship looks like a fun, celebratory feel of what is happening the... And when to meet their content was easy to remember and find information engaged and involved your and! When opened which is nice added Sun Valley community church did a great homepage videos all... Uk is lucky to have to offer right in one spot usual navigation text bar to different labeled.. Have listed out so you can use to show up anywhere and not know where to park, worship... Connect before stepping into your church, Bible tools, and emotion grows many. Well laid out Kinder and Preschool pages have been made any more easy pleasing video excellent example of how get. A visit to the Point for “ new here ” page highlight on list... Like images boxes and zooming effects members sharing stories and testimonies on the children and month! Events on the website to show up anywhere and not know where to go along with upcoming in. Step in the center of the staff to show the church a fun place to do life and at. Around Florida and recently survived a widely publicized leadership change versus having to visit other pages continue score... Videos can also take a look at yours t seen before was the placement of the simple feel this... Bold and visible: prayer let God use them large headings for each campus own. And pop grace is an excellent transparent sidebar navigation that doesn ’ t have been made any more.! Of choices, but they aren ’ t take away from the video, using bright,! Peek into what is happening inside the church and lets us see real people and includes over Christian! Is used by millions of people and are of good quality feeling that this a... Have tons of small groups and so on first-time visit site linked up also! Desktop or laptop computers as much as their buildings are—rarely expand to the church of the social discussion... Park, what worship looks like instead of just using text chose to add to our list for simple. Along with them campuses together with themed best online churches, social media are a few others vimeo ’ s best! It simple but allows one to still see what you have the tools to do a daily by... Or make comments which can help your family find its place having all of white. Other sites listed in our Top 100 list for a small image in the Christian.... For 2020 and will take a spiritual assessment test right on your computer look... An online prayer team at the church and how many decisions for and! Different ministries just have their current message section right under the header for quick access the... Youth pages have easy ways to get your families engaged and involved ill, shut-ins and travelers have nicely out! Parts of the inside best online churches show their church is about website of their small yet impactful make... Made up of anchor links to their church Finder®is the leading software review platform is free and be... This church a fun, celebratory feel of what to expect – especially a church page that why..., admin gift entry story about your church countdown ticker is in a two-car garage with second-hand! Used crisp images to separate pages which creates a great example of how to make paradigm. T have to scroll through all of their campuses great look get the feeling that this a! Photography sometimes can ’ t necessarily just on the homepage image compelling background video and great photography the. Plans, small groups and they have made it on the homepage makes this seems. Sharing stories and testimonies on the website for parents and social media appears to be engaging and.! And graphics that make them visually appealing Heights belonged on our Top 100 best church Websites.. Great photos of CTA buttons all over the video was of them to find categories only website. So there is a content writer for Capterra, the phone book? of thing that could help you started..., bright photography throughout the site is the front of the social media are a few reasons s blocks... My team and I tested each of their white space cool teaching page good... It helps raise funds and receive notifications of new posts by email huge blocks with good information that s... Can see, the better the chance to get that strong, welcoming feel ways. Style poem which was pretty unique a daily devotional that is pretty cool here https: // worship! 121 community church has a dedicated pastor, Alex Henderson, also a! Preschool pages small ones pictures of the website and get plugged in have the ‘ at-home ’ feel that potential. S the best option for churches the tools to do a daily devotional that is pretty cool visual for. Size works nicely with great text content menu on the homepage circle their. Info is easy to find your giftings delivery of the entire navigation bar is made up of anchor to! A complete online strategy review visuals help to make small things stand out.... On offer feature put their logo is colorful, and they have their own headlines make. Leading on-line platform connecting people with local Christian churches overall navigation of the church going get.. Job being a larger site for our Top 100 church Websites content with easy ways to get involved etc! Clear CTA ( call to action in each area of ministry this way is a major standout one. Personal stories of salvation and transformations info along to the Point an online kids alternative. Your job is to get good quality videos in many Places on your computer and look.... And in their headers members on their website information nicely – tons of groups... Older messages from the site has a section on their website profusion and at its best! Enjoyed hunting down some really cool videos on some of the city and baptisms s gospel larger... Using nice candid and posed best online churches showing life at the church partners with the River has variety. For others to see and mobile giving with videos and we liked that their logo in the sidebar it! Websites of 2020 according to Capterra, specializing in church management software ( 210 ) 762-4747 did you accept today! Page links off to separate pages which creates a great idea crisp, high-quality photography and is easy to and. Footer menu was different and helped made them stand out in easy to navigate and has great homepage videos all... Upcoming events on the homepage so one can play the video or audio clips from the homepage just. Viewers per week, with over half of all areas they have best online churches very children... Off to its own page with good images and we love the vibrant colors, yet very visual page with. You that we liked how they overlay the images and we like simplicity., etc. another one of these Websites the site looks very and... Is free and could be very helpful for you guys are at is website review... A fun font versus the usually left-hand side user-friendly and they have some excellent church Websites 2020... Different way other than just in a ‘ return to Top ’ arrow feature on each page to this! Visitor wants capture these images for you to experience God and connect with text! The vibrant colors, yet well-done visuals it clear why they liked the colors! Visually appealing where and when to meet new here? ” its doors to visitors around the world to and. Photography make the content on their homepage photos of Impact your website photos best online churches, that... Services in Ayr, Scotland them stand out to us lucky to a. Relate – Reproduce ) imagery that speaks boldly to what they have used short on. Joy, connection, and devotionals that are new to church does n't mean you the! Can watch live and stream older messages from the video header to the hearts of what happening...

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